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If you are interested to join as a Postdoc, contact Dr. Abhishek Dewanji for possible fellowship opportunities like NPDF etc.

M.Sc. students

PhD students

We have multiple vacancies for PhD students in our group. Interested candidates please write to Dr. Abhishek Dewanji or apply through the IIT Mandi admission portal.


Akhilesh Singh Tilara (2023-25)

Born and raised in Nainital, Uttrakhand, Akhilesh completed his B.Sc. from Kumaun University in 2021. Currently he is pursuing M.Sc. (Chemistry) at IIT Mandi. His current research project is on Main Group Catalysis in cross coupling reactions. Outside lab, Akhilesh enjoys playing cricket, badminton, TT, reading books, and doing creative artwork.


Aparna Tyagi (2023-25)

Aparna was born and raised in Greater Noida and completed B.Sc. from Gautam Buddha University in 2022. Currently she's pursuing M.Sc. (Chemistry) at IIT Mandi. Her current research project is on Main Group Catalysis in free radical reactions. Outside lab, Aparna enjoys playing basketball, reading books, and doing creative artwork.


Yash Aneja (2023-25)

Yash was born in Hisar, Haryana and completed his B.Sc. from Hansraj College, University Of Delhi. He joined IIT Mandi in 2023 to pursue M.Sc. (Chemistry) with project in the Dewanji group. His research topic is Dual Photoredox & Main Group catalysis. Yash loves playing badminton and table tennis in free time.


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