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We are an organic chemistry group at the School of Chemical Sciences, IIT Mandi, working on Organic Synthesis and Catalysis. Our aim is modular synthesis of complex organic scaffolds from feedstock materials using novel synergistic catalytic manifolds.

Research Interest

Development of newer and more efficient catalytic manifolds is the path towards more sustainable organic synthesis. The current research interest of our group lies in developing unprecedented co-operative catalytic systems to successfully achieve novel organic transformations, with an emphasis on carbon-carbon bond forming reactions. In the last few decades, method development in organic synthesis has been largely dominated by transition metal-catalyzed reactions where carbon-carbon bond formation occupied the central stage. While there is still scope for the development of newer TM-catalyzed reactions, TM-free catalytic systems have tremendously complemented them since the advent of organocatalysis. We seek to develop novel catalytic organic transformations using transition metals, simple organic molecules, organic radicals and main group elements in presence or absence of photoirradiation.

About IIT Mandi

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Mandi is a part of the elite cluster of IITs in India and a premiere institute for technology and science education and research. It is located near the Mandi city, a financial hub of the northern state of Himachal Pradesh. IIT Mandi boasts of a picturesque campus on the bank of the Uhl river at Kamand and Salgi. It hosts nine schools and several research centers to provide students opportunities for excellent education and cutting-edge research. It also has MoUs with several international and Indian Universities and joint programs which allows enriching collaborative education and research. The students and the faculties lead a vibrant campus life in this IIT.

News & Events

  • School of Chemical Sciences, IIT Mandi is going to conduct online PhD interviews for all broad areas of Chemistry. If you are interested to do PhD with us, go and apply on the IIT Mandi application portal. Last date of application: 25.02.2024. Hurry!

  • We have several open PhD positions in our group. If you are interested, get in touch with Dr. Dewanji!

  • If you are interested to join as a Postdoc, contact Dr. Dewanji for possible fellowship opportunities.

  • January 2024: Yash Aneja joins the group for his M.Sc. Design Practicum. Welcome Yash!

  • December 2023: Aparna and Akhilesh successfully present their first DP presentation at the SCS. Well done to both!

  • September 2023: M.Sc. students, Akhilesh and Aparna join the group for their Design Practicum as the first members!

  • May 2023: Dr. Dewanji joins the School of Chemical Sciences, IIT Mandi as Assistant Professor.

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